Whois Bharat InIndian Epics

The story of JaDa-Bharata is, however, unique among all of them. Lord Krishna describes a Brahma jnAni once each in the 2nd, 12th and 14th chapters of his Gita and also off and on in the fifth chapter. Jnani or Jnana means knowing something or knowledge. In holy books it is also known as self-knowledge or knowledge of liberation which arises from the study of holy books of meditation upon the self. You can also say a self realized yogi who is truly qualified to be a jnana or jnani.

His name has a deep meaning where Jada means dull, stupid and ignorant. But this sage was far from any of these, but outwardly he appeared like that. It is often heard that great persons of spiritual knowledge act like stupid, dumb, or eccentric persons, just to keep the multitudes away.

In his childhood when children of his age used to talk and play a lot, jada bharata used to remain silent and alone. He ignored everyone who tried to talk to him. People said that he was observing a vow of silence. He had a special power; he could remember all memories of his past births.

The story of JaDa-Bharata is, however, unique among all of them. Lord Krishna describes a Brahma jnAni once each in the 2nd, 12th and 14th chapters of his Gita and also off and on in the fifth chapter.

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Bharata was the eldest son of King Rishabha, who led an exemplary life as a king and later as an ascetic. He was very Nobel and righteous emperor and later on our country named after his name as Bharata. Jada Bharata was great devotee of Lord Vishnu and worshiped him with many Vedic sacrifices. He ruled his kingdom for many and when he got old he decided to entrust all the responsibilities to his son. After that he left for forests.

In the forest he lived as a sage, he survived his living on fruits, tubers etc after offering to Lord Vishnu. He used to take bath in River Gantaki which flowed nearby. After taking bath he worshiped Lord Surya Dev with mantras, rest of his day spent in worshiping Lord Vishnu, and practicing spiritual practices. His heart was filled with the devotion of Lord Vishnu and he actually started to feel the presence of Lord Vishnu.   

One day when he was doing his prayers after taking bath, he was sitting quietly by the riverside chanting OM , when a female deer, fully pregnant, came to drink water from the river. While it had stepped into the water and started to drink, a lion roared from the other side of the river. The deer, deeply frightened, jumped out of the water. In that sudden movement, she gave birth to a fawn, which fell into the waters and floated down the river. The mother deer ran away. He saw that deer baby and moved to pity. He got into the water and lifted it up. Then he nursed him and looked after him as his own child. By the passage of time they share a deep bond with each other. He sacrificed even his worship for him.

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His heart now devoted for deer now instead of GOD. After passage of time king was near to death, the deer sat mournfully by his side watching him. “As a man Intensely thinks at the time of his death, so does he become in his next birth” – according to this dictum, King Bharata was reborn as a deer.

But due his strong sanskars, he did not forget his previous birth. In his new life he regret that in past he wasted his life in forgetting GOD and getting attached to animals. So, he decided to live with holy sages and spend his life in worshiping GOD. But he was unable to perform holy practices, he need human body for this.

When Bharata left deer body, he born as son of a Brahmana with the traditions of the members of his caste. The Brahmana had two wives – by the first one, he had nine sons and by the second one, he had a girl and a boy. This boy was Bharata. He lived like a saint, he did not care about anything. He did not notice any differences in this world of multiplicity. SO, later on he named as JADA – a idiot, stupid saint who was different from everyone.

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Overcoming the inborn identification with the body is a hard task and is known as “cutting the knot of the heart”. Bharata was free as abird he can move from one life to another, he can worship God as much as he can. His life taught us that everyone should know how to keep yourself alive, how to show mercy towards every creature on this earth and how to live a free life.

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Namo Bharata

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